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Turquoise Feather Ear Cuff Accessory

No Upper Ear Piercing Required! You do however need a piercing at the lobe of your ear. This handmade Ear Cuff is attached to a dangle earring featuring a feather and turquoise stone. It comes with a plain earring without the cuff, for your other ear. It features a cuff that is squeezed shut onto your ear at whatever height you prefer. It is made small to fit over the fold of the outer ear. The metal the cuff is made of, is pliable and can be open and closed as required. We test our ear cuffs on various people before finalizing the size, to assure a perfect fit on all forms and shapes. We also test them out to make sure they won't easily fall off before manufacturing the final product. The end result, is a range of ear cuffs that you can buy with confidence, knowing that it will fit and stay put! *TIP When putting on your ear cuff, first hook the back of the cuff and then hook the front of the cuff.

R 89,90